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Hotel La Palma

A love letter to Capri

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Oetker Collection and the property of the Reuben brothers transform Hotel La Palma, the very first hotel built in 1822, into an exclusive icon of hospitality with 50 rooms and suites. Just a few steps from the famous Piazzetta, the hotel offers restaurants, panoramic bars, a private beach club, a brand new swimming pool and a spa. Reinvented by Oetker Collection, Hotel La Palma embodies the original spirit of the Capri hotel, the historic Locanda Pagano that has hosted artists, poets, writers and musicians from all over the world.

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Oetker Collection
Design studio
Francis Sultana e Delogu Architects
Capri, Italy
5★ Hotel
Completed, 2023
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A few steps from the legendary Piazzetta, Hotel La Palma offers a restaurant and a terrace bar, a beach club, a new swimming pool, a spa, a fitness centre and three boutiques. The restaurant will be run by Chef Gennaro Esposito. During the restoration the number of rooms has been radically reduced from 80 to 50: all will have a balcony or a terrace, including the 18 suites. The interior design was created by Francis Sultana in collaboration with Francesco Delogu of Delogu Architects. By keeping the space open and the light in both the architecture and the color palette, the overall design of the hotel incorporates splashes of Mediterranean blue, green and turquoise, dancing around the hotel's calm and natural aesthetic and allowing the textures to emerge.


The interior of the lobby conveys a modern and elegant Mediterranean atmosphere. We find neutral shades in the interior and colors typical of the brand throughout the design. Light wood, beige and neutral fabric with aqua green as accent color. The combination of these shades and materials allude to a relaxing Mediterranean island life. The idea is to be embraced by warm hospitality with a timeless and elegant design.


Each of the 50 rooms has been designed to be a perfect "home away from home" thanks to exceptional materials, precious fabrics, extraordinary works of local craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail. The unmistakable style of Francis Sultana can be found in every corner of the hotel, imbued with a strong Capri imprint, to pay homage to this icon of La Dolce Vita. Exquisite craftsmanship, luxury materials and utmost attention to detail create quiet, tactile and ultimately cozy rooms. Perpetuating the neutral color palette, Sultana allows materials to speak for themselves. All rooms lead to marble and bronze clad bathrooms in a style that has become synonymous with the aesthetics of Francis Sultana.

Gennaro's and Aqua Bar

The bar and the indoor restaurant, the terrace with swimming pool and the bar, the lounge and the rooftop restaurant, all bring the unmistakable aesthetics of Francis Sultana, while always referring to the creativity of the Italian artisans who helped create this new landmark hotel. Taking a simple and elegant step back, in the Capri of the fifties, Gennaro's embraces the timeless romantic spirit of the island, serving Italian cuisine in its most authentic version, without unnecessary ostentation. Contemporary and lively place that celebrates the spirit of Mediterranean cuisine. Among other novelties, the Hotel La Palma also offers a brand new swimming pool with a pool bar, a tribute to the "classic Capri" of the golden age. Set on the terrace of the hotel's swimming pool, the Aqua Bar offers a tempting menu of delicious cocktails and light, healthy snacks by the pool. Embodying the Golden Age of Capri and the eternal spirit of La Dolce Vita on the island, the bar is an intimate gathering place where guests can relax in the sun and enjoy the understated glamour of this semi-private atmosphere.

Da Gioia

Located in Marina Piccola, on the southern coast of the island, just two kilometers drive from the hotel, is the beautiful beach club de La Palma, Da Gioia. Lying along a quiet and intimate beach, the club is open for lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. It serves exclusive menus by Chef Gennaro Esposito that feature ultra-refined reinterpretations of local seafood specialties. Both hotel guests and external guests are welcome and can reach Da Gioia by car, on foot or by yacht. Da Gioia by La Palma is the favorite meeting place for long and pleasant lunches and romantic cocktails at sunset in an elegant and discreet atmosphere, full of cool and contemporary vibes. From noon to sunset, the Tyrrhenian Sea shines under the ever-changing skies as the DJ's seductive rhythms resonate with the gentle lapping of the waves.


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