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Luxury, modernity and atmoshpere.

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Located on the Las Vegas Strip, ARIA Resort & Casino boasts a 13,935 square meters casino and restaurants. It is an elegant starting point for exploring the city. The hotel's postmodern architecture and glass wave-shaped buildings reflect the city's skyline creating a breathtaking atmosphere.

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Aria Las Vegas
Design studio
Studio Munge
Las Vegas, NV
Restaurant & Speak Easy
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Proper Eats Food Hall

Recently opened at the ARIA Resort and Casino, Proper Eats Food Hall offers an eclectic and appetizing selection of unique dining experiences from around the world. Nestled in the beautiful architectural design of Alessandro Munge, Proper Eats covers an area of 24 square meters along the second level of the ARIA Resort & Casino promenade. With 12 gastronomic concepts, this space has been studied in every detail: from creative concepts to the design of the environment. The result is a first-class culinary epicenter, accessible to everyone with a wide variety of options to choose from based on your preferences, tastes and moods. This collaboration between the visionaries of Clique Hospitality and Studio Munge, elevates Proper Eats to a memorable destination, inviting guests to come back over and over again. Canadian-Italian designer Munge and his award-winning company, Studio Munge, have created an energetic and elegant atmosphere for Proper Eats, skillfully blending modern simplicity and sophistication.

Easy's Cocktail Lounge

Easy's Cocktail Lounge is a hidden underground bar that offers an intimate and classic atmosphere that takes us back in time. This distinctive speakeasy bar is a beautifully crafted setting: with velvet seats that give a feeling of energy and nostalgia of the past, and an incredibly versatile cocktail selection. It is the ideal destination for those looking for a classic Las Vegas experience. The cocktail lounge is the perfect place to relax, sipping a handcrafted cocktail and enjoying live music. Being one of the most popular speakeasies in Las Vegas, the local mixologists are dedicated to creating unique drinks that will impress even the most demanding palates. The lounge is a sophisticated space designed by Alessandro Munge of Studio Munge in Toronto. The lights are kept low, with an illuminated rear bar drawing attention to a carefully curated selection of spirits. The floral designs on the floor and ceiling are reflected in each other like an elegant mirror, with shades of dark green and velvet accents, which give a touch of sophistication to the environment.


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