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Jacques Grange
Jacques Grange
The French designer Jacques Grange is the go-to decorator for fashion icons and billionaires searching for a high-end interpretation of an eclectic bohemian style. Through his traditional training where he learnt the important crafts of weaving, plastering and cabinetry, along with his attendance at Ecole Camondo for history of architecture, design and decorative arts, he was qualified to join the studio of the French Interior design legend, Henri Samuel and from there, Jacques' style developed and some would say "unequalled".

Through this extensive background of learning and hands-on experience, he was able to effortlessly master an eclectic mix of styles and elements from different periods within one space, ranging from Rococo flamboyance to contemporary minimalism. He constantly juxtaposed classical architectural details of the 18th Century with Art Deco and 20th Century pieces and objets, creating a bohemian, "non-designed" aesthetic. When asked to explain his style, he talked about his attraction to "strange balances" and his desire to mix "something very rough with something very refined". He also favours atypical furniture placements, as well as his desire to group objets in unexpected ways. He likes the idea that the "rules of the room" are hidden through their eclectic arrangements.

Over the years his style has become bolder, and often incorporates more daring combinations of old with new. He credits this development to the age of Warhol in New York and discovering the energy of contemporary art. As an artist, he believes you have to evolve, and as you long as you are a "sponge" to your learnings, experiences and ever-changing surrounds, a designer's style will effortlessly develop with the times.

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