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BAR Studio
BAR Studio is a boutique design studio based in Melbourne and Madrid, specialising in luxury international hotel environments. We work on hospitality designs throughout the world and have built a notable and awarded portfolio of refined and sensitively realised projects.

We are committed to place-based design responses that ground each project in a material and aesthetic landscape. We value material and spatial quality, detail and the integrity of the designed outcome. Above all else we seek to establish strong relationships with owners and operators, believing that it is the strength of these relationships that underpin successful hospitality projects. We are specialists in hospitality environments and our extensive portfolio encompasses all aspects of hospitality design, from entire hotels and resorts to branded residences and stand-alone speciality restaurants.

We believe in creating designs that not only look good - but also feel good. We believe in creating designs that continue to engage and surprise guests over numerous visits. An exceptional depth of understanding and strength in operational planning underpins our work. This expertise ensures that our designs work effectively and efficiently for both guests and operators. Our work has been internationally recognised and awarded within the fields of both hospitality and design.
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