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Extra Ordinario is a team of people who share a natural sensitivity for the product and the experience gained in the field. A structured and integrated group driven by a strong passion for interior design. Your requirements are our guiding star. We offer tailor-made services that harmonise with your needs thanks to a heterogeneous network.

Through experience and enthusiasm for product design, we offer a diversified contract portfolio with world-class yet 100% Made in Italy products. We don't aim to replace architects but to become their "contract department", interpreting and realising their vision staying by their side.

Extra Ordinario is never satisfied. Our team is constantly evolving and seeking "know-how" and craftsmen, who are capable of excelling in their respective sectors to offer quality products and unique services. The story of our team draws from shared dreams, personal experiences, intertwined study paths, professional skills that converge and consistent goals.

And this story has a constant, happy ending: harmonious product realisation that respects others' ideas. The beating heart of Extra Ordinario consists of professionals with ample experience in interior design and the contracting world.


Do you know
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Made in Italy?

innovation Made in Italy

Extra Ordinario is the new generation of furniture whose strength lies in its roots: Italian expertise with the customary quality, culture and exquisite taste for style. It does not simply endorse the Made in Italy label but pushes the concept of design beyond its usual boundaries, rising up to every design challenge with an enthusiasm grounded in reality, overcoming production and industrial limits.

Italy boasts of numerous high-level skills specialised in the various furniture trades and much more. We collaborate with the best craftsmen in the Italian territory, liasing with them to create the new and contemporary Made in Italy. Extra Ordinario invests heavily in research to manage and push technologies and collaborators in unexpected directions, always exceeding expectations.

Our products always emerge from a non-linear design process that is never taken for granted and consistently challenged. Synergic mechanisms emerge to make even our own supply chain marvel at the final result. Not surprisingly, our customers and end users also remain impressed by our prowess.

quality network

Extra Ordinario always guarantees the highest quality of execution, whatever the material treated. In fact, thanks to its dense network of companies and artisans, throughout the Italian territory, specialized in the processing of different materials and furnishing accessories. The mastery of our collaborators is able to transform the designer's vision into reality down to the smallest detail.



unconvetional craftsmanship

The new generation of Made in Italy furniture. Extra Ordinario goes beyond the conventional and commonplace to leave the contracting world's limits behind, collaborating on multi-faceted projects without losing the artisan soul of production.

We craft high-quality interiors supporting the designer every step of the way. We move beyond basic requests and anticipate needs and problems by offering alternatives and technical, aesthetic, and budget solutions.

This versatility arises from the key and consistent principle underlying our customer engagements: problem solving. Design innovation and quality give life to an exclusive product in line with expectations and the reference culture. We seek to produce unparalleled results through the interaction and fusion of ideas and talents.

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